How To Become A Teacher – 7 Useful Tips

How to become a teacher? There is no clear answer to this question – you can obtain all the necessary degrees and be a terrible teacher, as well as teach brilliantly without any special education.


How do I become a teacher? If you have ever asked yourself such question, our article is exactly for you!

1. Get Educated!


This step may vary dramatically depending on what kind of teacher you would like to become. Those who are willing to know how to become a pre-school teacher or how to become a kindergarten teacher may purely devote themselves to practice, since an associate’s or bachelor’s degree will be quite enoughfor them. However, if you would like to obtain a more significant position, you will be required to get a Master’s degree in teaching the subject you have chosen.

2. Get The Necessary Certification


Same as the previous step requirements for certifications may differ widely. Decide whether you plan to work with small children or high school teenagers – it will determine what sort of programs you must attend to become a certified teacher.

3. Start Your Career


The best beginning is to become a substitute teacher – it implies less responsibility, and the same time you will get a great experience of working with students. If you want to know how to become a substitute teacher, we can advise you to continuously look through the papers in search for such vacancy or apply to schools yourself. In case they don’t need you now, they will at least have your CV and may offer you to work with them later.

4. Permanently Develop Your Skills


Learning is a never ending process not only for students, but also for their teacher, as well. Be aware of the new trends and approaches in teaching, read special literature, attend courses increasing your qualification. Education is a lifelong process, especially for teachers. No matter whether you want to know how to become a Math teacher or how to become an English teacher – each field requires keeping up-to-date with the latest information.


5. Avoid Dry Teaching


Teacher is not just the person who reads the material to his students – I’m sure everyone in your class is able to read. The main task of any teacher is to present the material in such a way, so that a student would learn it with a great pleasure. Inspire them, give examples from your own life, be humorous, but remain strict. Find controversial topics for a discussion, prepare tasks for teamwork, use communicative approach (there is a plenty of literature revealing its main principles). Never forget about visual aids and, if possible, video and audio material to supplement your lessons.


6. Consider Online Teaching


This trend is becoming more and more popular in the sphere of education. Distant teaching implies less responsibility and you can create your own timetable. That is why the question how to become an online teacher may one day come across your mind. This job is great, if you have small children or must stay at home for some reason. However, don’t think it will be too easy – you will have to find the way to inspire the student without being in the same classroom, so here you must be creative and imaginative.


7. Love Your Work!


The job of a teacher is the most influential and powerful one in the world, though it may sound quite ridiculous. It depends on you whether our future generation will be intelligent and educated, whether they will be devoting their life to creation or destruction. How to become a teacher – there is no particular answer to this question; it must be your calling, your passion and your love.


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